Welcome. That's something you'll hear a lot at Beachwood Kehilla. Whether you're considering joining our congregation or you're just in for a visit, you're always welcome. You'll find smiling faces and kind voices, an inspiring religious experience and some good nosh.

And for all this there's no need to thank us. You're very welcome.

High Holiday Ticket Policy for 2020

Due to logistical limitations resulting from Covid-19, Beachwood Kehilla has been forced to restrict High Holiday attendance this year.

Access to High Holiday services will be limited to only synagogue members who have already made reservations. Unfortunately, absolutely no exceptions can be made.

Unlike previous years, tickets will only be available to members and their families.

Due to Covid-19 and security concerns, there will be absolutely no exceptions to the policies above.

Beachwood Kehilla is an orthodox congregation in Beachwood, Ohio known for its warm character and welcoming environment. Built on a foundation of Torah values and fostering of personal growth, Beachwood Kehilla is unique in its mission, embracing both those who have traveled the path of Torah observance their entire lives as well as those just beginning the journey.

Come spend a Shabbat with us and experience Beachwood Kehilla for yourself.

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